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Open Oven

Hand Formed 6oz Cookies made in West Seattle

We love cookies and we started our company to share that love with you.  Everyone has a favorite cookie and we want to share our favorites with you and learn your favorites. 

Why a 6oz Cookie?

A 6oz cookie is a big cookie, big enough to share a piece and still have enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Over 1/3 of a pound of cookie!

Our cookies now have wheels, and they can come to you.

We deliver:

Mon-Fri 11am to 7pm

Sat & Sun 4pm to 9pm

Cookie Mix

We Deliver!

Get Cookies Delivered to Your Home

Mango Sunset

Allow the tropical flavor of ripe mangos with the complement of tart raspberries to inspire memories of an evening with this light, tasty dessert as you visualize a romantic sunset.

Tequila Lime

Freshly squeezed lime complements imported tequila to provide a memorable tangy delight as your taste buds enjoy a spontaneous celebration.

French Chocolate

The best cocoa powder blended with bittersweet chocolate and coconut milk for a creamy chocolate taste that melts in your mouth followed by the faintest hint of orange.


Champagne Orange

The Taste of freshly squeezed California Oranges with a distinct sparkling wine and a bit of orange peel will whisk you away, feeling the orchard air on your face.
Oragne with Orange Slice.png

Raspberry Merlot

Washington State Raspberries paired with fine kosher-infused wine create a sophisticated sorbet that twines together as they dance with your taste buds. The tart tang of the raspberries complements the smooth mention of fine wine.
Raspberry black.png


Caribbean Coconut with shredded macaroon coconut imparts a nice texture to this rich tasting sorbet as it celebrate with your taste buds.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why Cookies?

Cookies are the ideal portable dessert.  Excellent for the one handed enjoyment  while you work or play.  Dont take your eyes off the prize while you eat a cookie.

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