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At Seattle Sorbets we're passionate about our unique vegan and kosher sorbets.  Our flavors are refreshing and great tasting. Our customers enjoy them and that brings us joy!   Seattle Sorbets are a perfect addition to any meal or as a snack.    Indulge yourself - responsibly!


For the Love
of Sorbet


We Are
Seattle Sorbets

Seattle Sorbets, located in West Seattle a few miles from downtown Seattle, is a family-owned and operated Sorbet and Ice cream manufacturing company. The company has been family owned for the last 25 years and was recently purchased by the former owner’s son, Claiborne Bell, a Seattle native, and University of Washington graduate. The business is run with the help of Belinda Butler-Bell, Claiborne’s mother, and Dora Ibarra, his aunt, who has been with Seattle Sorbets for over 20 years. Our family handmade each pint of the six sorbet flavors and multiple ice cream flavors with great care and pride.


When asked what is essential to the company, Owner Claiborne Bell responded quickly, “We want this to be a family business for many more generations and to make sure we continue to build a solid foundation on a superb product and great customer service.”


The Seattle Sorbets family takes pride in making high-quality, locally made, vegan, certified kosher, fat-free, gluten-free, non-dairy, and delicious sorbet products. 


Try Seattle Sorbets today and taste the delectable desserts we take immense pride in creating for you and your family.

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